• Electric Heat For Quality Control And Operator Safety
  • Front Taper Design For Uniform Distribution
  • Adjustable Slide Track Supports The Heated Extensions For Paving Wider Roads
  • Innovative Berm Builder Adds Value And Versatility
  • Ergonomically Friendly Work Environment

Main Screed

The EZIV is built with a 2% taper of the main and extensions, a patented Carlson design that improves outboard material flow whether the augers are operating or not.  The 24 inch deep main screed plate, made of 450 Brinell rated steel, enables flatter angle of attack equating to increased screed surface contact with material for better mat quality and longer plate life-cycles.  Coupled with 3 state-of-the-art electric heating elements per side of the main and in each extension, the EZIV combines exceptional material extrusion and flow for unmatched mat quality.  The strike offs of the EZIV are tightly fitted to the main screed, as well as extensions, and are above the plates.  This allows little to no damage to occur when obstructions, such as catch basins and water shutoffs, are bumped or hit due to poor elevation.


Utilizing a single slide track with fewer wear parts, the EZIV is able to extend to wide widths with less flexing.  This rigidity is compounded by the use of a high strength tubular frame to support the extension while the 2 inch chrome rods give fluid inboard and outboard motion.  The single slide track bushings are also  adjustable, aiding in maintaining extension rigidity while reducing life-cycle cost.  With its tapered extension bodies allowing full retraction without pinching or trapping material, deck cones for extension screed plates and fixed adjustable fixed slope stop, the Carlson EZIV sets new heights for extension rigidity and hydraulic extendable paving innovation.

Wide Width Paving

From interstates to runways, the Carlson EZIV has proven itself to be the most capable and reliable front mount screed for wide width paving applications, earning it the distinction of being the contractor's choice for such jobs.  With no need of changing out bermed plates for building out to wide widths, a feature that greatly reduces setup downtime, the EZIV simplified bolt-on installation.  Simplification of bolt-on attachment is furthered by the EZIV's hydraulically adjustable extension body lowers for match height and easily accessible outlets for attachment power.  The dual piece bolt-on allows the lower portion of the attachment to bolt directly to the lower extension body, giving it free motion to adjust vertically with the extension.  The single piece utilizes 4" chrome rods to provide maximum support, a unique feature of the 24" bolt-on.  With easy-use adjustment points for angle of attack and vertical height, the single piece bolt-on gives operators reliable performance with user friendly operation.  Add the wide width kit and contractors are able to pair the industry's leading heated bolt-ons with extra support to the industry's wide width leader, the Carlson EZIV.

For The Operator

The Carlson EZIV has been recognized for its unmatched attention to the needs and wants of operators.  From its standard holders to wide walkways, the EZIV allows operators to work safely and more organized around the platform.  The EZIV also gives operators enhanced versatility with the V3 endgate platform, allowing quick changes of runners to suit the requirements of any job.  The V3 endgate's design and heated runners give contractors a proven platform for increasing productivity and decreasing downtime by changing just the shoes rather than entire endgates.


With a 34kW generator has enough power to let you heat and run lights so you can work late into the night.


Options Available

Patented LED Blade Light:  One of the brightest and most energy efficient industrial-grade construction lighting systems on the market, Carlson's LED Blade Light produces the same amount of light as a 2000 watt halogen light while using 90% less power.

Patented Carlson Safety Edge:  Create 30° compacted road edges with Carlson's renowned Safety Edge™ attachment.  With its jack, the Carlson Safety Edge can go from 30° to flat with just a few turns of the handle to match joints.  The Carlson Safety Edge comes with an electric heating element that aids in the extrusion of material creating clean, compacted edges for safer roads.

Patented 4 Inch High Density Bolt-on & Side-load Attachment:  Combining up to four times angle of attack with the 4" bolt-on and up to four times edge compaction with the Side-load attachment enables contractors to achieve higher density figures at the longitudinal joint. Built with electric heating elements, simple adjustment points and heavy duty materials, these revolutionary attachments are the answer to poor joint density.

Other Available Options Include: 
    • Integral Berm Builder                              • 6 Zone Digital Electronic Heat Control
    • Factory Installation                                  • EZ Telescoping Auger Tunnel
    • Field Installation                                       • Wide Width Kit
                                        •  And Many More    


Standard Paving Width 8 ft (2.44m)
Extended Paving Width 15 ft (4.57m)
Maximum Paving Width 22 ft (6.7m)
Extension Slope down 9%
Vertical Height Adjustment Hydraulic
Maximum Berm Height 4 in (10.16 cm) On Outside Edge
Berm Width Available 12 in (30.48cm), 18 in (45.72cm)
Power Crown 2.5 in (7.6cm) Positive
  1.5 in (3.8cm) Invert
Main Screed Plate Thickness .50 in (12.7mm) Brinell 450
Extension Screed Plate Thickness .50 in (12.7mm) Brinell 450
Screed Weight 6,250 lbs (2835 kg)
Walkway Width 20.5 in (52.07cm) Hinged
Power Outlets 120 Volts @ 1200 Watts While Heating
Number Of Power Outlets 4


Standard Paving Width 10 ft (3.05m)
Extended Paving Width 19 ft (5.78m)
Maximum Paving Width 26 ft (7.9m)
Extension Slope Down 9%
Vertical Height Adjustment Hydraulic
Maximum Berm Height 4 in (10.16cm) On Outside Edge
Berm Width Available 12 in (30.48cm), 18 in (45.72cm)
Power Crown  2.5 in (7.6cm) Positive
   1.5 in (3.8cm) Invert
Main Screed Plate Thickness .50 in (12.7mm) Brinell 450
Extension Screed Plate Thickness .50 in (12.7mm) Brinell 450
Screed Weight 7,000 lbs (3175 kg)
Walkway Width 20.5 in (52.07cm) Hinged
Power Outlets 120 Volt @ 1200 Watts While Heating
Number Of Power Outlets 4


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