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  •  Heated Asphalt Pump and Heated Solvent Tank

 •  8-16 ft. Telescoping Spray Bar, Vertical Extensions to 24 ft.

 •  Internal Poppet Spray Valves

 •  Dual, Diesel Fired Burners with Auto-Thermostat Control

 • 1000 - 3500 Gallon Truck Mounted Tanks

 •  Truck Mounted, Roll-On/Roll-Off, Trailer Mounted and Slip-in Units Available

 •   Automatic, Heated Clean-Out System


The Precision Spray is leading the way in asphalt distributor innovation and technology. Companies nation wide are seeking a machine that is simple and easy to run and maybe more importantly, simple and easy to maintain.

Telescoping Spraybar

Standard 8-16 ft. telescoping bar is the preferred bar by many material specialists. Production and ease of operation are at the core of its qualities.

Asphalt Pump

High quality, high volume, heated 400 GPM asphalt pumps are found on every Precision Spray distributor. The pump center-line is located at the sump level of the tank for maximum performance.

Double Flue Design

CBC engineering has incorporated a standard double flue design technology. This design is located very low in the tank to permit minimum start-up times, even at low tank levels.  Maximum tube heating area and standard diesel burners yield short heating cycles.

Automatic Clean-Out Cycle

Leading the way in design technology is the Precision Spray's exclusive heated, automatic clean-out cycle. Never has clean-up been so easy and simple. Clean-out that is done 100% of the time, accurately and without question. Simply turn master control to "Clean-Out" and press "Start."

Master and Cab Controls

Safety first. This can be illustrated in the fact that whenever the master control is active, the cab control is completely inactive. No accidents by cab operator while performing various operations at the master control. Redundant cab control wiring harness and easy computer programming translates into up-time.


Tank Shell 10 gauge Steel, Oval in Shape
Heads 7 gauge Steel, Dished and Flanged
Surge Plate(s) 10 gauge Steel, Reinforced, Staggered Crawl Holes
Manhole 20" Diameter with Curbside Ladder Access and spill Collar
Tank Insulation 2" Mineral Wool on Front Head and Sides,
4" Mineral Wool on Read Head
Tank Skin 0.050" Aluminum Jacket
Overflow 3" Internal
Content Gauges Front and Rear, Float Type, 100 gallon Increments
Sampling Valve Located on Front Head
Capacities 1000, 2000, 3500 gallon Truck Mounted or Roll-On/Roll-Off


Type Positive displacement Rotary Gear Type
Flow 400 GPM
Heat Fully Heat Jacket Asphalt Pump
Location Pump Centerline Below Bottom Level of Tank Sump
Strainer System Single Location, Auto-Clearing, Quick-Change
  All Function Protection


Flues Two Flue Tubes with Stainless Steel Liners
Burners Two, Diesel Fired with 25 gallon Tank
Temperature Control Automatic, Themostatically Controlled
  4" Dial and Pencil Thermometers
Safety Continuous Ignition With Low Level Ignite Protection
Controls Blowers and Fuel on Separate Switches
Exhaust Stacks Two, Rear Mounted, Insulated
  14 Gauge Stainless Construction


Type 8' 16' Full Circulating, Telescopic, Straight-Line Start & Stop
Extensions (Optional)
1', 2' and 4' Available, Vertically Folding
Breakaway Center, Mechanical Breakaway System
Spray Valves Air Operated, Internal Poppet,
No Leak Design on 4" Centers
Cross Section 12 cubic inch High Volume
Spray Width Control Electric/Hydraulic with 4" Control
Spray Height Control Electric/Hydraulic with Safety Chains


Type Fully Automatic with Push Button Start
  Self Contained, Environmentally Friendly
Solvent Tank 25+ gallon, Heated
Components Cleaned Asphalt Pump, Strainer Box, All Plumbing,
  Entire Spraybar, All Valves
Pre-Soak/Washdown Air Operated, 15' Hose, Atomizes Solvent


Master Controls Located Rear Curbside, Pump Speed, Pump Direction, Load,
  Unload, Transfer, Tank Circulate, Hand Spray, Clean-Out,
  Burners On/Off, Cab Controls On/Off
Cab Controls Spray On/Off, Application Rate, Spray Width, Spray Distance,
  Pump Calibration, Travel Calibration, Application Rate Presets


Single Nozzle Hand Spray Attachment with 25' Hose
LED Lights
Redundant Wire Harness Between Master & Cab Controls
8' Spray Curtain
Diamond Plate Fenders


Process Heat
Auxiliary Power Pack
Wet Box
Tool Box
Metric Gauges


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